Episode15: Emperor of the United States

Emperor Norton

MP3 Audio [10 MB]DownloadShow URL If you are not satisfied with the current government, simply become it yourself. That must be what Joshua Norton thought and proclaimed himself shortly Emperor of the United States. Or as the original German episode… Continue Reading


Episode8: Where is the birdy? Animal Spies

Agent Dove 007 ready for takeoff

Secret Services have been using animals as spies for a very long time. In this episode The Secret Cabinet follows the trails of photographer doves, accoustic kittens and innocent radio storks.


Episode7: Under Lock and Key – Mythos Chastity Belt

In a chastidy belt. Herman satirical woodcut of the 16th century.

Did medieval knights really encage their wives in chastity belts before they went on their crusades? And how does this lead us to medieval brothels, anti-masturbation crusades and S&M practices? Find out in this brand-new Episode.


Episode6: Murder Dolls of Edinburgh


In 1836 17 mysterious miniature coffins with wooden dolls were found by playing children at Arthur´s Seat, a volcanic rock near Scotlands capital Edinburgh. Had they been part of an occult ritual? Or were they related to the murder series oft the “Resurrection Men” William Burke und William Hare and their 17 victims?