The Secret Cabinet

In the 19th century the museums used to lock away everything that deemed obcene or unsuitable for the public in “secret cabinets”. This podcast focuses on the part of history that you would not find in your history classbooks – for a good reason.

“The Secret Cabinet” is originally a German podcast (Das geheime Kabinett) . But thanks to the great Travis J. Dow (hail to his name) it is now also available in English. Besides, the sonorous voice you hear belongs to him too. He has his own podcasts, by the way, the fantastic

– History of Germany Podcast http://en.historyofgermanypodcast.com/

– The History of Alchemy Podcast http://historyofalchemy.com/podcast/

– The Bohemican Podcast http://www.bohemican.com/




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  1. I have been having a hard time finding a non-empty .rss feed for The Secret Cabinet podcast. The .rss link “http://www.secret-cabinet.com/feed” does not work in the Podkicker Pro app, which is the only way I listen to podcasts. Bohemican and the History of Alchemy podcasts get along with Podkicker just fine. I would love to add The Secret Cabinet to my subscriptions. I hope my request helps the show reach a wider audience and is not just a chore for my sake. Thanks for all your excellent work!

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